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Post-dating a one-time payment and hiding "Next Date" and "Frequency" in e-mail receipt?

pixelchutespixelchutes Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited September 2010
Now that v070 supports line-item sub_enddate, it becomes possible for one to create a "mock subscription" solely for the purpose of post-dating one-time payments.

Unfortunately, there is currently no "frequency" value for "One Time", so one must resort to using CSS to "hide" the "Frequency" so-as not to confuse someone expecting to pay once, but seeing "every month", "every year", etc. Of course JavaScript could also be used to manually inject a "One Time" verbiage. However, this is limited to the cart/checkout pages and does not offer itself as a solution to the receipt email itself when emailed directly from

Is there currently a way in the email receipt to use CSS to "hide" items like "Next Date" and "Frequency" to keep everything consistent?

If not, how hard would it be to create a NEW frequency of "1t" (or similar) that would show a frequency of "One Time" and automagically end-date the "mock subscription" (assuming one day AFTER the sub_startdate)?

Even still, it seems confusing to display a "Next Date" for something that would be ending before the "Next Date" could even occur.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    This has come up quite a bit so we'll definitely have to figure out a solution. I've never fully understood the "mock subscription" but you've actually explained it rather well as a post-dated one-time payment. I guess we figured it wouldn't be confusing with the end date clearly listed there... but maybe it is.

    I'm not sure of an email css solution since most email clients only support inline css styles. The new frequency option is interesting and might actually make more sense for this specific use case. That's similar to how PayPal does recurring payments, they calculate it based on pay periods and this case there would really only be one pay period.

    The other thing I've been wresting with a bit is that this really doesn't sound like a subscription to me. It's really a "post-dated one-time payment". Would you mind adding a request for that here so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle? We might be able to tweak the subscription system in the future to handle this under the hood, but I think it should be classified as something different... but I've disagreed with just but everyone on this topic so I'm probably just wrong. :)

    Any other input out there on this? Would pixel's solution work for everyone else too?
  • Luke,

    I definitely dislike referring to it as a "subscription", so I agree with you there.
    Here is the link to this Feature Request:
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