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Use of place holders in email template subject

swguyswguy Member
in Help edited July 2008
My template subject is Your Order ^^order_id^^ from ^^store_name^^ but in the subject line of the received email, the ^^store_name^^ is not replaced. What have I done wrong?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    We don't currently replace that in the subject line, just the body. We'll add a ticket for that, but since it's kind of a static value anyway you might as well hard code the store name in there, yes?

    Sorry that might not be ideal, but we haven't had any requests for that. Won't be tricky to fix, but for now hardcoding will be the best option.
  • swguyswguy Member
    Hardcoding is definitely fine in this case; I was just trying it because the help said you could. Thanks!
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