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One-Time Purchase, then disable? Or Can FoxyCart Return Order Status Messages?

lobstersanlobstersan Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited July 2008
Is it possible to set up foxycart so that after a customer has gone through the checkout process, they can't checkout for the same product again? I'm trying to avoid people checking out and paying for things twice -- I know there is a confirmation screen but in my CMS I have it setup so they have a separate members page with order statuses. Unfortunately, the statuses currently have to be changed manually, and I'm worried that some of my customers will pay, check their order status page immediately and see it's still at the "pay now" status, and then pay again.

Is there a way to limit quantity of an item to only one, so that the customer can't pay twice for the same unique item/service? I'm currently having customers go directly to checkout, and each checkout button is custom tailored to the unique item they are purchasing.

What would be even better is if FoxyCart could send back some sort of message to my CMS, telling it to flip the switch and change the order status to "payment received" or something like that. Can Foxy send a signal like this? I'm using ExpressionEngine as my CMS, and the CoolCommerce FoxyCart integration doesn't have a user forum nor any way of showing order statuses, but I'm wondering if it's possible to hand code?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Minimum quantity:

    As far as a user forum goes... I think the EE forum may work, no? If that's not an ideal place, we could maybe set up a category on our forum.

    There certainly is the possibility to have FoxyCart communicate back with EE/CC. FoxyCart sends an XML feed that is designed for things just like that. The trick would be getting EE/CC to recognize it. It definitely wouldn't be too tricky for somebody familiar with PHP and MySQL. It might be worth contacting the CC developer if you're willing to throw some money at it. Otherwise you can check back here and we could point you in the direction of some solid and affordable developers.
  • Thank you for the quick response!

    I'll give the EE forums a shot to see if anyone has tried something like that. I appreciate the offer for developer recommendations, and may ask for those references in the near future! (^_^)o
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