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Request: 1 user editable field on a transaction

ChuckTrukkChuckTrukk Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited November 2010
I am requested one new field be added to the transaction feed. It could be called 'status' or 'api_status'.

This field would be empty by default.
It could be updated via the API method 'transaction_modify' (which only accepts 'data_is_fed' now.

Use case:
Foxyback. The problem with foxyback is we have to recreate the transactions database. Which you know is very detailed. THEN we have to keep in sync somehow.

The API is powerful enough now, that if we had one field on the transaction we could modify, then we could update it like so:
- status: 'waiting_for_pickup' or 'shipped' or 'refunded' (whatever we could think of)
- we could also post json to that field to have a status per item in the transaction. Or just post a note when it ships out.

I request one field because it seems easiest to me without seeing your system. I feel this one field, if we can update it and query it, would make a foxyback API much more possible without needing a huge company to build a huge mod.

A 'last_modified_date' would be nice too, but not-editable.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    We've talked a lot (over the years) about adding custom customer fields, but why just 1 field rather than multiple? I agree that it could be very useful. Luke and I have had different takes on this in the past, but it definitely would allow for you to rely on the FC API and database rather than cloning the whole thing on your end.

    An alternative at this point would be to not store the full transactions, just store the ID and the status on your end, then use the API for the rest. Thoughts?
  • I agree that multiple fields would be better. I would rather have one field soon that would give a lot of extra ability. I think it would be crazy difficult to have multiple custom fields. But I think one and a timestamp would be pretty easy. (I would put json into it so it would be multiple fields for me).

    At this point, I think your idea will work: to store the id, status, and timestamp locally. I'll have to think it through and see if it's missing anything.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks for posting, ChuckTrukk. That's definitely something we've been thinking about over the years. Somewhat similar to the "hide" but we currently have where you can hide and show transactions. A status field makes a lot of sense, we'll keep it in mind.
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