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v0.7.1 Beta is here! (cart images, SagePay and 3D Secure)

lukeluke FoxyCart Team
in Important News edited October 2010
We've been working hard to get 3D Secure support for our friends in the UK and are happy to announce version 071 is now available for beta testers. You should see it in your list of available versions in the settings menu in the admin.

We've added 3D Secure support for the following gateways:

We also included cart images (with product urls) by adding two new standard cart attributes:

Just pass in a full url path to the image and product link or pass in a relative path starting from the root of your site domain you have configured in your FoxyCart store settings.

This version is fully functioning but keep in mind we may still be adding new features and bug fixes as we go along. We don't want to scare you away from running live transactions (because we need some people to test that out for us), but we also want to be clear about this version still being under active development.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you run into any issues. We'll be including more details and documentation later on, but for the most part this version is very similar to 070.

Thanks for letting us know about any issues you find and helping us improve FoxyCart for everyone.
  • Fantastic. This is really good news. Thanks guys.
  • webmovementllcwebmovementllc Member, Integration Developer, FoxyPress
    This is pretty awesome. However, it looks like we must make separate images that are strictly used as thumbnails. Are there dimensions that are ideal to abide by for the product thumbnails? Or a way to pass height/width as parameters to cart so they display smaller?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey Adam. If you're using the standard theme there's a style in there for that table column which sets the image width to 150px:
    #fc_cart_container td.fc_cart_item_image a img {
    	border: 0px;
    	width: 150px;

    That seemed to work pretty well for the standard template but it's really up to you as to what your needs are. HTML resizing might not be ideal, but for most situations it will probably get the job done without having to build out your own image thumbnails. We've talked about implementing a phpthumb solution to automatically create thumbnails for you, but with their recent troubles, I'm glad we didn't. We're pretty serious when it comes to security so we try to avoid using third party frameworks or toolsets. We're open to suggestions though.
  • webmovementllcwebmovementllc Member, Integration Developer, FoxyPress
    Hey Luke,
    Thanks for the info. I'll have to try it out. Seems like that would work. What kind of security issues do you run into? Here is a script one of my programmers used for one a SlideShowpro project of mine where I had to resize images based on potential height. I can't post the entire script, but I can at least post the link to testing it. If you are interested in the script, just let me know and I'll send it to you.

    It could easily be manipulated to allow for both height and width parameters, we only needed height at the time so it would stay proportional.

  • Can I ask a stupid question? Sounds like it wouldn't be a huge issue to do a version jump to go from 0.6.0 to 0.7.1 when we decide our time comes to upgrade. We are quite ready to make the upgrade to 7 yet, but since 071 is very similar to 070, we could kill two birds with one stone and end up with the added benefit of the cart images (which would be nice!!!), so .... what's the risk/considerations for skipping the 070 upgrade and going straight from 060 to 071? (Incidentally, we're probably not upgrading anytime SUPER soon, but we might wait a little longer than we were thinking if we could safely go straight to 071 ... so, my question is more for our own strategic planning ...)


  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey Julie. You can't really "skip" any upgrade. You'll have to walk through the upgrade notes for each one because the changes between 060 and 070 that you'll have to take action on also exist between 060 and 071. I think that's what you meant, but I just wanted to be clear on that. Upgrading from 070 and 071 is trivial with basically no changes from your perspective.
  • This is great and we'll definitely be upgrading and recommending our clients use SagePay. Quick question:

    SagePay provide support for PayPal in addition to standard card payments. Does your SagePay integration support their PayPal integration too? I.e. if we move from PayPal to SagePay we could still accept PayPal through Foxycart?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Good question. You definitely can still accept both PayPal and use Sage Pay UK, but it's not PayPal _through_ Sage Pay UK. At this point the integration to do that specifically for Sage Pay would be more involved than we can justify, given the importance of shipping and tax improvements, as well as some others to the FoxyCart system.

    So you can use both, but you don't get the unified management of PayPal from inside the Sage Pay portal.

  • I don't think they'll mind about not having PayPal control through SagePay.

    So, in order to accept both we just need to check both 'Let customers pay with credit card' (selecting SagePay) and 'Let customers pay with PayPal'?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
  • Is there any way to assign a css class to the IMG element with JSON? i have about 5 different classes i'd like to apply to the IMG depending on its category. anyway to pull that off or no?

    also, i'd like to see the thumbnail column in the cart Labeled as thumbnail. as it is right now, its just blank next to the item.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hello metroscapeGuy.

    Second issue first: that column header is defined in the "language" section of the admin as a single space. You can change it to whatever you like.

    First issue second: for sure, using a little clever jQuery. Can you outline the exact class and styles you have in mind with examples? If you have the category displayed in the cart it might be as simple as walking through the cart HTML nodes with jQuery and inspecting the category for each line item. Based on that value you could walk backwards to the first <td> element with the image and apply the css styles you want there. Hope that helps.
  • Can i have a sample Code to start with to be able to includes images.
    As an exemple ;
    Lets add an image to a basic cart item;
    <input type="hidden" name="name" value="Size" />
    <input type="hidden" name="price" value="9.99" />
    <input type="hidden" name="category" value="ABC" />
    <input type="?" name="?" value="?" />
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    <input type="hidden" name="image" value="/path/to/image" />
    <input type="hidden" name="url" value="/url/of/product" />
  • hey luke ... sorry to be so long in responding. Yep - that's exactly what I meant, so appreciate the confirmation! many thanks for the great work - keep it up!

  • metroscapeGuymetroscapeGuy Member
    edited November 2010
    ok, actually the behavior is really strange here with IE7.

    if all of my quantity boxes aren't pre populated with 0, and i pick one item to add to the cart, while keeping the other items' quantity as 0, then I can add a product to the cart, and it displays.

    however, if any of the quantity boxes are blank, and i pick one item and to add to the cart, while keeping the other items' quantity boxes blank, the does not render and display within the colorbox modal window.

    secondairly, i have another product that simply won't allow itself to be added to the cart, the canvas size piece,

    EDIT: oh, and when you are finally able to add an item to the cart, it doubles the quantity.

    ALL of this behavior is exclusive to IE7, only, as far as i can tell. Believe it or not, I think ie6 is ok, besides not rendering png's very nice.

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    @metroscapeGuy Would you mind opening up another thread? I'm not sure this specifically relates to 070/071. In that thread, please send us some example links so we can take a look at the specific add to cart entries you're referring to.
  • great news on the 3D - you guys have been busy..

    Excuse my ignorance, my first cart with foxy - so probably a stupid question!
    I can't seem to suss out if Sagepay UK is up and running live yet or in beta testing or whether it's just the 3D that's in beta. I'm at the point where I need to start my client off with a paid foxy account and setup payment processing but not sure which way to go at the moment. We will obviously need to spend some time testing but where to start and which to go with I'm really not sure. Should I be recommending using Paypal or other for starters and maybe setting up SagePay just for testing or is it OK to go with Sage from the start? I don't want to give my client the impression that I don't know what I'm doing - even though I don't at the moment!

    many thanks..
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Even though 071 is still listed as "beta" we do have quite a few live stores using it. There is one specific known issue with the line item details that we've emailed sagepay about over the weekend and we're waiting for a response. Once we figure out what's up with that, we'll get it fixed as soon as we're able. If you need to use Maestro cards, you'll probably want to go with one of the systems we've integrated 3D support with (which rules out PayPal).
  • rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
    Is there any updates for the 3d secure at all? I will be building a site soon that requires 3d secure cards to be accepted and wondered if it has been sorted for Sagepay or Paypal?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    edited January 2011
    Sage Pay: Yes.
    PayPal WPP: Not yet.

    There may still be an issue with it that we're still working on tracking down, but by and large it seems to be working great for many people. Let us know how it goes for you.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    UPDATE: We just pushed out some changes to 071.
    Customer password hashing has been greatly improved to support integrations with various third party systems (more info here: As part of this change we no longer email plain text passwords to customers but instead send them a temporary password (without resetting their actual password) which is only valid for a period of time. Once they login with the temporary password they are shown two password fields where they add a new password (we'll add some messaging here in a future version, but didn't want to disrupt any live 071 international stores). After completing the checkout, their customer password will be updated and that information will be passed along to your system via the XML Datafeed.
    New XML nodes include customer_password_salt, customer_password_hash_type and customer_password_hash_config. customer_password still contains the hash of the customer password.
    You can look at all the new hashing options available to you in the admin under "advanced". One of the nice things about these changes is that you can modify your store's hashing method without breaking the ability of your customers to login. Each customer record keeps the information needed to validate the hash at the time the hash was originally created. After each checkout, customer hashes will be updated to use the latest settings you have in the admin.

    As part of these changes we've also rolled out some behind the scenes updates to the upgrade process between store versions. If you notice any issues with upgrading or with 071 and customer passwords, please let us know and we'll get on it right away.

    Though we have quite a few stores using 071 in production, it is technically still in beta which is why these changes have been made.
  • rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
    Hi Luke, with the password hashing does this mean that we can create a user account say in MODX automatically after a purchase? With the details taken from the XML we would be able to add them to the member list and take the password from the XML and sync that up? If so that would allow for purchase history to be displayed in a member area.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    In theory, that is correct. I don't know off hand what hashing method MODx uses, but if we don't already support it, we can now easily add it. Fire up a test 071 store and check it out.
  • You should be able to support current and future hashing methods for MODX passwords with the new code they've completed. Awesome stuff!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    I haven't played with MODX Revo yet (at least not since it was anywhere near the release version), but I know Evo used unsalted MD5, so that's been supported from the beginning of FoxyCart. I _believe_ (and Ryan can correct me if I'm wrong) that Revo is using unsalted MD5s as well for the time being and for upgrade compatibility, but when Revo changes that just let us know and we should be able to add it in pretty easily.
  • Revo and Evo use the same PW storage right now. When we enhance this, we'll go to one of the others FoxyCart already supports.
  • Hi Brett

    I would dearly like to use the new functionality of 7.1 at

    But how do we do this?


  • lancelance Member, Community Support Member

    What version of FoxyCart are you currently using?

    You'll want to follow a normal upgrade path to 0.7.0 first, and then move to 0.7.1. The move from 0.6.0 to 0.7.0 could be pretty significant, but it is definitely worth it. Once you are at 0.7.0, it is easy to move to the 0.7.1 beta.

    Check out the upgrade notes here:

  • paulthainpaulthain Member
    edited February 2011
    Hello again, Lance

    We're currently on 7.0

    So how easy is easy?

    I appreciate 7.01 is beta and there'll be glitches but I'm concerned I might screw up as we can't afford downtime


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