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anyone Not debiting credit cards in real-time?

patrickpitmanpatrickpitman Member
in Help edited February 2011
Understand that foxycart is oriented towards a real-time, during checkout debit of a credit card. But has anyone been known to use FoxyCart to securely pass the card # to a storage location for later debit?

For example,'s Customer Information Manager could conceivably be used to store a credit card number that Foxycart collects. Anyone done that or something similar?

Can Foxycart be used to just authorize the number to determine its validity, and then have another system be used to debit the card?
  • lancelance Member, Community Support Member
    @patrickpitman -

    There is an option in the admin panel for some of the payment methods to "atuhorize only." Once you are ready to capture funds, you would need to do so through the Gateway's interface; however, you would need to capture the funds using the same Gateway that authorized the transaction. You couldn't decide to, say, authorize with PayPal and then process with

    Does this help answer you question?

  • Yes, this answers it -- partly.

    My remaining question would be whether there's the capacity for FoxyCart to pass a credit card number to more than one place or for more than one purpose at the same time.

    The scenario would be two-fold:
    1. get to authorize the card
    2. get's Customer information manager to store the credit card # in a profile

    I'm not asking anyone to be expert on, but my question would be: For Foxycart, how long can it "hold on" to the credit cards it passes to the gateway? Enough to send it more than one place, more than one URL via the api?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey patrcipitman. Could you please request Customer Information manager integration here: That's probably the best bet going forward because we're moving away from making card holder data available to most end users due to the PCI compliance issues.
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