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multi-ship cost problems

RMRM Member
in Help edited September 2008

I am the "other half" of KitchenNut. :) I am writing because we are stuck on the multi-ship problem right now. Here is the situation:

Shipping cost options is set to be at "real-time," offering UPS 2-Day or Overnight, and Fed-Ex 2-Day, or Overnight.

In a test order, I added 47 boxes to ship to NYC and 6 boxes to be shipped to LA (each under their own "ship-to" location).

When I went to check-out, I am given the options for each ship-to location for shipping carrier and cost. The exact same costs are listed for each shipping location (despite the fact that each order weighs completely different, and is going to different locations).

Are we missing something?

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    We've had some issues with some of the shipping providers on US holidays which may (or may not) explain what's going on since today is Memorial day. You may want to try the same weight total and to/from locations directly on the UPS/FedEx websites. From there we should be able to compare the rates you get from the website with the rates our system is getting through their API and then send that info to the various shipping companies and ask them what the problem is with the API returning the wrong information (or our implementation of it). The other times we've seen "issues", they generally go away in a day or two and the shipping companies give us the standard "it works for us" response.

    Any details you can provide (exact total weight, starting location including zip code, country, state and destination location) would be helpful.
  • RMRM Member
    edited September 2008
    Hi, Luke---I just narrowed down the problem: if the boxes are going to the same city, same zip, foxycart is calculating the exact same shipping costs (despite different weight). When I enter in different cities (either different weights/items), the costs are coming back correctly (I think…i'll double-check).

    Here's the breakdown on the multi-ship order going to the same city (different weights):

    Address One: 3 boxes (3 pounds) shipped from 55311 to 30097: Foxycart says $56 via UPS 2-Day, whereas UPS says it is $21.12 via UPS 2-Day

    Address Two: 27 boxes (25 pounds) shipped from 55311 to 30097: Foxycart says $56 via UPS 2-Day, whereas UPS says it is $76.19 via UPS 2-Day


    (EDIT: I checked on another foxycart site--ellieandollie--and I saw the same problem happening, when it's shipped to the same city, but different weights)
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks RM. That's a confirmed bug with MultiShip. We'll look into it and get back to you.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    edited September 2008
    We just rolled out some fixes in version 0.3.2 for this. Normally we try to leave existing versions alone, but this is an obvious bug that needs to be fixed. The fix isn't very invasive so it should not effect existing stores. Please let us know if this fixes the issue and if you notice any other problems.

    Thanks so much for helping us make this the best shopping cart solution available.
  • Thank you Luke. I just tried it again and it is working! I appreciate you looking at this so quickly. (and yes, it is the best solution available) ;)
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