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File upload?

criticerzcriticerz Member
in Help edited September 2008
Hi guys,

I'm interested in using foxycart for my next project, but I was wondering if it's possible to add an upload file form because I need the client to be able to do this:
(it's just an example)
The user buys the 5,000 Full Color business cards, I need him/her to be able to upload the design of the business card which are basically PSD files.

If you guys can help me out and tell me if this is hard to do or how to do it I would greatly appreciate it. I look forward to using foxycart! It looks amazing and I'm a JS fan.

Thanks, Alain
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    It's definitely possible, but perhaps in a different way than you might assume.

    Since FoxyCart doesn't handle the "add to cart" form at all, you'd have to create this on your end. There are other printers doing just this. I think the general logic is:
    - Have an "add to cart" form, with the "add to cart" button disabled.
    - User uploads the file(s) to your own system/server. Perhaps rename them or prefix the filenames with an incremental ID or something.
    - Once upload is completed, page is reloaded (or done via AJAX, preferably) and a new product option (the ID of the uploaded files, probably) is added to the form.
    - Button to add to cart is enabled.
    - User adds the item to the cart. The added product has all your options like Quantity: 5000, Color: 4/4, Filenames: abcd1234. Or something like that.
    - You get the order in and the product displays clearly what files are associated with it.

    Is that what you're thinking of?

    The only tricky part would be the file uploads, and then adding the value to the form dynamically (which is easy, so long as you can get the value back).
  • Hi guys,

    I have been trying to get this feature for about 3 months now. I went down the root of roman cart which allows you to upload files. But the problem was I didnt like the way it was intergrated. (basically it looked cheap). The issue is im more of a designer than a programmer. I even bought webassists ecart suite only to find that this feature wasn't completely intergrated. I have spent the last few months and over £1000, playing with mysql and php trying to get it done, I am slightly bolder on my head. However I still couldn't get the feature done. I really like the way foxycart is layed out, welldone. I have found a jquery plugin that allows the user to upload a file and then see it. I just don't understand how I link that to my form and a database, so that I know which uploaded image belongs to which customer. If you could please send me in the right direction, because I have been going round and round.

    Thank you
  • Hey coban,

    I did exactly what you're speaking of a little while back on a store and am working on the same function in modx now (plan on using the jquery script to do it). I'm a programmer instead of a designer. Shoot me a PM if you would like.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    edited September 2008
    Chuck, I'd love to see this added to the wiki if you want. It comes up a lot, as we're discovering ;) if you want to add a page, or just CC me on your emails and I'll add it if it's cool with you. (Obviously, if you want to keep it private, no worries at all.)
  • Hey Chuck,

    It might just be me but I couldn't find the pm feature. How far have you gotten with your attempt? can you send me in the right direction so that I can atleast get something done, because my head is really hurting.

  • ChuckTrukkChuckTrukk Member
    edited September 2008
    Hey Brett,

    The original script was for cubecart. So it's not foxy yet. That's what Im hashing out now.

    I guess this forum doesnt have PM. You can shoot me an email at [removed by Brett]
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    It doesn't have PMs, it has "whispers". Chuck, I've removed your email from your post just for safety and obvious spam reasons, but you guys can "whisper" each other your info.
  • This is an old topic, but is there an example of a solution of for this problem anywhere? I'm having almost the exact same problem.
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