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EE/CoolCommerce: Downloadable product code error

HeartsAtHomeHeartsAtHome Member
in Help edited September 2008
When someone shopping on our website at selects and ebook and clicks on "add to cart" they receive this message on their screen:


When adding a downloadable product to your cart, you must specify a downloadable product code."

I wonder if this relates to my general settings in Expression Engine (which is what our site runs on). Our Expression Engine software developer guy was using CoolCommerce to deliver purchased downloadables (as an add-on to our Expression Engine software) but he hadn't been able to conquer that, and he's not available to help me now.

Anytime someone tries to place one of our ebook store items into the cart, they receive this error message. For example, at when you click "Add to Cart" it brings up that error message.

I think we were using CoolCommerce only because the person setting up our Expression Engine website thought he could do it faster that way than by using FoxyCart. But he could never get the purchased ebooks to be downloadable for the customer (though at that point the customer could place an ebook item into their cart -- which they can't do now).

Should I be changing anything in my general settings in Expression Engine, for the system to find the downloadable file??? Is my error with my selection of the product code number? I'm using the 3-digit SKU number that Expression Engine assigned each of our product descriptions as I created them.

And/or is my mistake the Downloadable Files Path? Presently it looks like this:
Since I've now created a downloadable file for each of our downloadables using FoxyCart, should I be changing the Downloadable Files Path here???

Thanks in advance for any help on this.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    A few things.
    - We can't really help with EE or CC, so the EE forum might be a better place.

    - To add a downloadable product via FoxyCart, you need to upload it in your FoxyCart admin. Some details here:

    - You need the "code" value in your add-to-cart form on your end to match the code of the uploaded product in FoxyCart. I'm not sure how CC or EE handles that.

    So, you could upload the product to your FoxyCart admin and then add it to the cart by using the code you assigned, or you could try the downloadable functionality in CoolCommerce, though I'm honestly not sure what it is or how it works. They're entirely separate downloadable-product delivery mechanisms though, so I'm not sure what would make the most sense.
  • I didn't realize until now that Cool Commerce is no longer supported / Cool Climate dropped it. Saw this thread in EE: -- which explains why others are experiencing this same error message.

    Since I'm already using FoxyCart, is it possible for me to make modifications so as to have FoxyCart do what CoolCommerce was supposed to do? I've already uploaded all of our downloadables in FoxyCart admin as you explained, and the Code value matches, as you've said it must. What else must I do to make our purchased downloadables accessible using the FoxyCart interface?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    If the code matches and the category matches, and it adds to the cart fine, then you're golden. Just give it some testing but you should be fine.
  • That's what I thought, too -- but even though the codes and categories in EE and FoxyCart match, we still see this same error message when someone attempts to add a downloadable ebook to their cart. Wondering what to do to get this to work...
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    If you're just using the FoxyCart downloadable stuff directly, it should work just fine. Have you uploaded the files to FoxyCart? Have you tried adding the product to the cart as described including the code and category? ( Or you getting FoxyCart errors or EE errors? The "add to cart" links are pretty simple. I suggest testing those first, without EE involved.

    If you're doing this differently with EE, you'll probably have to check in their forums.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    At this point it might not be worth it, but there's a new EE + FoxyCart module called FoxEE that might be worth exploring. In beta now but it'll have a support forum and etc.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @HeartsAtHome: The error describes the problem:
    * When adding a downloadable product to your cart, you must specify a downloadable product code.

    You have a handful of inputs in the add-to-cart form, but you don't have the code specified. You have name, price, weight, quantity, category, and SKU. You need "code" (matching what you've specified in the FoxyCart admin).

    That should do it.
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