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kscotbarrkscotbarr Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited October 2008
I'm trying to work with coupons and am having a little bit of trouble. I already have a quantity discount on a category, with the following parameters:

1-10: $8.00
11-49: $6.40
50-99: $5.60
100+: $4.80

I entered this in the category discount field as:

"Discount on amount based on quantity"

This works great. Now I would like to add a coupon code that does the same thing (just for this category), where it discounts a certain amount per item (this would be in addition to the volume discount everyone gets). These are the parameters:

1-10: $1.60
11+: $0.80

So for someone with the coupon code, their final pricing matrix would look like this:

1-10: $6.40
11-49: $5.60
50-99: $4.80
100+: $4.00

I created a coupon code and limited it to this category, then chose:

"Discount by an amount based on quantity"

I've got several problems:

1. The discount doesn't calculate at all when limited to the category.
2. When I make the discount apply to all products it works, but it gives me a flat dollar amount off of the total order rather than for each product.
3. When I enter the coupon code and calculate the new pricing, then go back and update an item's quantity, I lose my discount.

I realize this pricing structure is a little convoluted, but these are the requirements I'm getting from my client.

Thanks for the continued good work, Foxy guys.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    That is definitely convoluted. :)

    We'll have to create some test scenarios for exactly what you're trying to accomplish and get back to you.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    I think #1 and #3 might be bugs, or I might be misunderstanding you, but...
    2. When I make the discount apply to all products it works, but it gives me a flat dollar amount off of the total order rather than for each product.

    As far as what I'm understanding, that's by design. A coupon code applies to the cart/order, not to individual products. A coupon code can only apply to a specific category, but the discount applied is still for the entire cart, so it will display the appropriate discount (hopefully ;) ) but will be listed as a line-item in the cart, and not as a discount on the products. Does that speak to the question, or am I missing the issue?
  • OK, that makes sense. Let me know the answers to 1 and 3 when you have them sussed out, thanks.
  • Is there any possibility on adding the functionality where volume discounts are applied per product (in a category) with a coupon code? This is the functionality I'm looking for above.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Not currently, but you could vote for it on our fancy schmancy new feature request system:

    Or you could fake it and ask for a coupon code that you control on your end pre-add-to-cart, and modify the category if the code is correct (using javascript, and probably a cookie to keep track of what codes they've entered). It'd work, though it obviously wouldn't be quite as ideal as if it were built in.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey kscotbarr, the first issue you mentioned should now be fixed. It was a rather interesting bug that only popped up when the category for the product in question happened to be the first category in the array of categories associated with the given coupon.

    As for the third issue... are you sure the discount is not going away as specified by your discount string? If the discount does not apply, the line item will drop off the cart, even though the coupon has been applied and is still associated with the cart behind the scenes. If you adjust the quantity back to a valid amount to receive the discount, you should see the discount come right back.

    If you want to whisper me an example link, that would be great.
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