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MODx Store - Consolidating the management links

cfncfn Member
in Help edited October 2008
I'm getting answers to this on the MODx forums, but thought that other Foxy developers might find it of interest (or have suggestions) too.,29480

"I have a client who has seven separate logins to manage his store. (MODx, FoxyCart, Quantum Gateway, Merchant Account, Gmail for Business, Supplier, and FedEx.) I want to place all these links on one page for him..."
  • Very interesting idea, I could use something like that myself.

    Have you seen FoxyBack - its only in the alpha stage, but it might make one less login for your client...
  • cfncfn Member
    Yeah -- folks on the MODx board shared some great solutions that I"ll probably use on every site from now forward.

    I have seen FoxyBack and love the concept. Its too early in development for me to start using it for a client though... It'll take me some time to sort out how to install and work with it.
  • cfncfn Member
    After a lot of discussing on the MODx board, I did get this to work, using a chunk thats easy to edit from the Manager area.

    Mallmus, you might be interested, its pretty easy to get it going. I added it to the wiki.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Haha, I created that page a year ago. Glad it's been enhanced ;) Way to go wikis!
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