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Your FoxyCart service experience

DNexusDNexus Member
in General edited September 2011
I am wondering what your guys experience is with FoxyCart is and with their support? How fast and how good is their response? More importantly, how often do you even have a need for urgent support, especially of their fault? Does the service experience any outages etc?

I like it so far, just double checking before I blindly trust them with a livelyhood of three families.

  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk
    Hi, I've been using FoxyCart for a variety of stores for a few years now. In that time, there have been two, maybe three periods of downtime. I think that one of them was unexpected and the others were scheduled maintenance windows in the middle of the night on the weekend. They've always been very transparent about their service reliability and I have a lot of confidence in the service.

    Support-wise, they answer every question on the forum within a day and provide very good support.

    I had such a good experience with the service that I built the FoxyShop WordPress plugin to help those using WordPress have an easier integration with FoxyShop and the more I've seen behind the scenes with FoxyCart the more I've been impressed with their commitment to their customers. I'd give 'em three thumbs up if I could.

  • Thanks, David. I've exchanged some emails with you in March about your plugin. I was asking you about the future plans with it. I've decided to go without the plugin and with Fetch.

    I've had some questions about the HMAC validation and it's been four days without a reply. I assume the guys took a well deserved long Labor Day holiday. My store move is on hold until I resolve that, so I figured I could ask and find out if this is the normally weak support I should expect. It's good to hear that it's not the norm.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Sorry for the poor response time to your question - we certainly try to be as on top of support requests as we can and as @sparkweb mentioned, we try to keep it to within a day response times as much as possible. One of the team had been whispered to take a look at your question on the HMAC validation, but he hadn't had a chance to jump in the forums yet to respond. I see @sparkweb has responded to you now (Thanks David!), I'll make sure you get a response as soon as possible from our team too.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @DNexus, thanks for asking. I'll chime in a bit with some background information that might help.

    As far as service goes, we've experienced growing pains like most (if not all) SaaS providers, but at this point we're on pretty beefy servers in a Tier 4 datacenter (which nobody believes, but it's true), and we're currently getting closer to having a hot failover environment ready to go in a geographically distinct datacenter (1000mi separation from our primary Texas dc). For what we charge, I honestly don't think you'll get anything close to the level of redundancy we'll have in the coming months. (We're also prepping for a PCI audit to become a Level 1 Service Provider with Visa's CISP program, which is the the highest level of PCI compliance.)

    Of course, if you can't get a hold of us for urgent questions, none of that matters, and we totally get that. As a company we're continuing to grow, and support is one area that we're trying really hard to get right, but it is difficult. Though we do have team members across 7 timezones and 4 continents, we don't have people in the forum or the helpdesk 24/7, and there are sometimes gaps where the timezones, holidays, and communication (internally) lead to gaps. It's a pain point for us, because we really (really) want to serve our users as best we can, so we are looking into ways to better schedule things to avoid any extended away-from-keyboard periods.
    I like it so far, just double checking before I blindly trust them with a livelyhood of three families.

    Fwiw, we take our responsibilities both to our users (you) and to our team very seriously. We know that without serving our users excellently, we can't take care of our own families. That said, we're not perfect, and especially for more complex or specific requests things might take longer than normal. And we do try to set realistic expectations. We should do that with forum response times, so I'm glad you brought this up. At this point we'd generally say we shoot for "within a business day" on our responses. We probably beat that pretty regularly, but if it takes longer we do apologize.

    Thanks again for asking. We're big believers in setting proper expectations up front.
  • After 8 months of using FoxyCart, I have to commend the team on their outstanding support. They have given me lots of help, including writing bespoke code, which has contributed towards the success of my ecommerce site.

    Responses have always been fast. I think you've experienced an anomaly in your instance and think you can expect to receive 1st class support.
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