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Foxycart and MODx Revolution

ExceleronExceleron Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited November 2011
Has anyone attempted to upgraded existing MODx Plugins for Foxycart (Evolution) for MODx Revolution?

There are two MODx plugins that I feel would benefit the MODx and Foxycart Community greatly.
[li]FoxyCart Inventory[/li]

I would think that someone with a little know how on MODx Plugins could do this. Please let me know if you have made MoxieCart in MODx Revolution.

FoxyCart Inventory

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    I don't believe that anybody's ported it, or that it'd make more sense to port it directly or to rebuild something (as Revo has a ton of new functionality).

    The inventory plugin should actually be pretty easy for anybody comfy with Revo and PHP. We're happy to help, if you're interested in porting it.
  • Brett,

    We have made a few attempts but given that we are not that comfortable with MODx Revolution 2.2 Package management tool, we were wounder if you would put an inventory plugin that works with Revo together.
    I know that MODx heavily promote you are and FoxyCart as a MODx success I would hate to see Foxycart not be as popular because their are not Plugins for REVO. We current have site needs FoxyCart Inventory

    Please let me know
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @Exceleron, we're discussing some things on our end, but if you don't hear back from us within a few days please whisper me a reminder if you could. Thanks so much.
  • @brett, thought I might whisper to you, so that you may comment on the above, I too have REVO site needs for FoxyCart - wouldn't mind knowing "where", you lovely folks are at on your thoughts and discussions in relation to this thread by @Exceleron. regards and thanks.
  • Did the Inventory snippet ever get officially ported over to Revo? Or is this still a manual job?
  • Nickff,

    Currently it is still manual I have however worked out the a snippet that will do the job. I just need to see if Brett or another FoxyCart Team menber can help me streamline it.
  • @Exceleron,

    Thanks for the info. Let me know how it goes! Looking forward to seeing it released.

    I'm going to need to modify it to work with multiple TVs, where a product has both size and color options, and each combo can have a specific quantity set (eg. small, red = 3| medium, red = 5). Should be interesting. I feel like this is the one aspect of the Modx+Foxycart combination that could really benefit from a solid plugin.

    One day, I'm going to see to a "Foxyshop" type plugin for Modx. That would be EPIC.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @Exceleron. What kind of streamlining are you looking for? Unfortunately, everybody on our team has been too busy to dig into Revo too much (at least, not since it went live, and the alpha/beta versions... were ages ago, to say the least :)

    Something that I think would be great would be to package it up so it could be installed with the package installer. Unfortunately, again, we don't have experience there, but if you did package it up you could set up an affiliate account and track usage (and get kickbacks for usage too). Might not be a ton of money, but might provide a little incentive beyond everybody big thanks :)
  • Brett,

    Sorry I have been absent for some time. My MODX revolution solution just really is not working out. So I am at a point now that I will sponsor the creation of Foxy Cart Inventory control.
  • everetteverett Member
    edited June 2012
    I'm working to build out this very thing, just looking for some funding. Sorry if that's a forum foul. MODX would do this really well because it can package all the various required aspects (including database tables etc.). This makes MODX a very attractive platform for this... maybe I could do this as a project...
  • flinx777flinx777 Member
    edited February 2015
    In case anyone stumbles across this forum posting looking for this plugin for Revo (like me), here you go:
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