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One FoxyCart account, but multiple domains

alicamalicam Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited July 2010
This is my scenario...

I've got a number of simple, almost-one-page salesletter websites promoting one product each. I want all of these using FoxyCart to effect the sale, and I want each to have the means to receive notification of sales via a datafeed URL.

At the moment, that's not possible, as far as I can tell, because FoxyCart only allows for one datafeed URL per account.

Now, I think I may be able to get around that with redirects, so that depending on the product category, it could redirect to the domain in question... I'd have to test that, of course.

But aside from that, is there any reason why I can't achieve this approach of one FC account, and multiple mini-sites selling products??

Anyone done it?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    You can have a single FoxyCart store working on multiple domains, but there are some restrictions on that sort of setup. For example, you only have one template per store, which you can customize using javascript and inspecting whats in the cart, so there are ways around it. For distributing the datafeed to different places, generally the best approach is having an endpoint that resends the datafeed onto where it needs to go based on whats in the feed.

    The following page has some additional information:
  • alicamalicam Member
    Thanks for that.

    Only thing I can think to add is that the page to which you referred me, Adam, doesn't include mention of that issues of the single datafeed endpoint.

    Might want to add that, even tho it's an advanced feature.

    Thanks ;)

  • I hit a snag here.

    I'm also using SSO. And perhaps it's not as hard as I'm imagining it to be, but running SSO across multiple domains, I dunno.

    Think I'll just get a few separate accounts :)

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Yeah, that could be a problem considering SSO has to hook into the session (and thus, the cookie for that domain) for that user to know if they are logged in or not. Let us know if you have any specific questions and we'll do what we can to help.
  • cowtancowtan Member
    Apols for digging up an old thread but I was looking for the info discussed here and keen to know if this page still exists somewhere -
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    That specific page disappeared during the site update, but the essentials of setting this up is in my post above. Is there a specific question you have about the setup we can help you with?

    [edit] You can see the page using the wayback machine here:
  • cowtancowtan Member
    Thanks Adam. There wasn't anything specific I was after, just wanted to see if the page included any info I wasn't aware of - which it doesn't so that's fine!

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