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"return false" in "if" block inside preprocess array

mwahahamwahaha Member
in Help edited August 2012
I had an earlier version of this page working just fine, although the code was unmaintainably bloated. Now I'm going back through it, making it DRYer, re-factoring, and I just can't get this part to work.

I'm doing a simple validation on add-to-cart. There are a bunch of groups of radio buttons. In order to add-to-cart, the user must check one within each group, or get a colorbox "alert" reminding him he's missed something.

I've refactored the old validation code into an "each" function, with a second "if" block inside. The FC docs say that "If any function in the preprocess array returns false, the cart-add is aborted," but that doesn't seem to be happening here with my each() function.

Everything is logging correctly in the console, but the add-to-cart is still happening.

Here's the relevant code:, arr) {
    var href = '';
    if (e.tagName == 'A') {
        href = e.href;
    } else if (e.tagName == 'FORM') {
        href = 'https://'+storedomain+'/cart?'+jQuery(e).serialize();
    if (!href.match("cart=(view|checkout)") && !href.match("redirect=")) {
    	$('.options').each(function() {
	    	var errorText = "Oops! Please choose a " + $(this).data('name') + "!";
    		if(!$(this).find('input[type=radio]:checked').length) {
    		    console.log("no checkbox was checked!");
    		    $.colorbox({fixed:true, html:"<p class='warning-prompt'>" + errorText + "</p>"});
    		    return false;

I would whisper the live page now, but I get the red prompt "You must choose at least one recipient" when I try to comment with the "whisper" box checked. So I guess I have to wait for someone to reply first?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    When you click the whisper checkbox, another input should appear below it - you'll need to type in the usernames of the people you're whispering to, comma separated. If you could whisper the live page to me, that would be awesome!
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    I think your return false is actually returning from the anonymous function() definition within each(), not from the preprocess function. Dealing with anonymous functions can be tricky, but you may need a global flag of some kind you can trigger the return false with outside of the each().
  • Thanks for your patience, Luke. You're right, of course. I came back and finally got this going correctly.
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