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Integration with uruguayan credit card

Is there any way to integrate with the payment gateway of OCA Card in Uruguay? I know that we have to make a request to you to accomplish that, and is not a blow-and-make-bottle issue. Is there any way to bypass foxycart (When the color box opens) to put some button say, "Checkout with OCA", and handle all integration and web service calls with that gateway in my side (PHP, Ajax and JS in my site), send to that service all information (retrieved with JSONP from the cart), and when the user completes the processing, empty the cart and start again.
Or perhaps doing all the foxycart's cycle with purchase orders, and when it finishes, send all information to OCA gateway?
Some guidance would be very appreciated!
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    The purchase order option may work for now, but you'll have to call the customer to get the payment card information. If you haven't already, please vote for your gateway here:
  • So, I can add a "Pay with OCA" option near the Checkout or PayPal button in the cart popup?
    When the user clicks that option, I take him/her to the OCA Payment Gateway, to collect card
    information, store it wherever in my site, confirm the totals $, then redirect to foxycart checkout with purchase order (As I don't have an active subscription yet, I don't know anything about PO) field
    hidden and set to something, and complete the process (User information, cart, and so on). Is all this possible?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Not quite what @luke was suggesting. He was suggesting that you use the Purchase Order field and manually calling the customer to gather their payment details after they have submitted the order.

    While it may be possible that you may be able to setup something like your describing there are a couple issues that would come up. Firstly, if you're calculating shipping or taxes, this will happen on the checkout - so you wouldn't know the total cost of the order between the cart and the checkout.

    Secondly, and most importantly, setting up your own payment page on your own site that captures credit card details is not a small task that should be treated lightly. There is a lot of things to consider including security and PCI compliance. That's one of the great benefits of utilising a system like FoxyCart as we take care of all of that burden for you - but obviously if we don't support the necessary payment gateway it can be hard.

    We'd definitely recommend taking a look at this if you haven't already:

    Unfortunately, if you need to be able to allow user to pay with OCA, FoxyCart may not be the best option for you at this point, until we are able to add support for it.
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