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Shipping and Paypal

cowtancowtan Member
in Help edited November 2012
Hi - I set-up Foxycart on a client's site a year or so back and it is working very well. Because of the way they ship their products I had to calculate the shipping cost using some javascript on the checkout page. See - - for more info.

My client has just realised that because we're calculating the shipping on the checkout page, customers can click on the 'Checkout with Paypal' link on the cart and avoid paying any shipping at all.

Is there anything we can do about this? I guess the simplest solution would be to suppress the Paypal button on the cart (while retaining it on the checkout page). Is it possible to do this? (The only other solution I can think of is to do the calculation of the shipping on the Paypal site which I'm imagining won't be very easy.)

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