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Interested in Foxycart but not a programmer.

in General edited December 2008
Hi fellow foxy bodies!
Like many of you, I am interested and curious about using Foxycart on my website.
[/ulist]My website is Oscommerce powered, how easy is it to integrate foxycart?
[/ulist]I already have a shopping cart function mainly powered by paypal, can foxycart be set up to connect to my paypal website pro?
[/ulist]My ecommerce is Los Angeles based (in sunshine california), and according to state law I must charge multiple tax rates based on the cities of my customer's shipping address. All shipping addresses within the Los Angeles county is one rate (with the exception of 3 cities) and all shipping addresses outside of the Los Angeles County BUT within of California is another rate. Does foxycart support this?

So far these are my main questions. This service looks foxy and the guys behind it are a helpful bunch. Way to go!

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    edited December 2008
    [li]osCommerce: might want to take a look at[/li]
    [li]Yes, FoxyCart works with Paypal Website Payments Pro. It does not currently support Paypal standard.[/li]
    [li]We're currently working on the next version (0.4.1) which should hopefully handle the situation you're describing.[/li]

    As for not being a developer, you may (or may not) want to get a developer involved depending on how complex your requirements are. FoxyCart can do a lot of incredible integrations and is really flexible... it's designed by developers for developers. That also means it may take a little know-how to get things "just right". Although... it's pretty sweet right out of the box as well.

    If you're looking for a developer, let us know and we can spread the word for you.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Just out of curiosity, if you have osC already, what are you looking to FoxyCart for?

    Obviously there are reasons, as evidenced by "Faux-sC" (which basically replaces the osC checkout with FoxyCart's checkout), but I'd love to know what your particular reasons are.
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