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Turn off international orders

keeneyemediakeeneyemedia Member
in Help edited March 2013

I would like to turn off international orders on my store, only allowing orders from USA. We require international orders to go to their local distributor. I don't see an option anywhere to do this - how would I do it?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    You can change what countries are selectable in the country dropdown using some javascript on your checkout, we have a snippet available on our wiki here: - make sure you grab the snippet for the version of your store.
  • Hey Adam,

    Thanks! That got me pointed in the right direction. I was looking for a setting, not thinking about needing a javascript snippet. All is well!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We do plan to allow for modifications to the locations object from within the admin in the future, but currently it's via JS only.
  • Sure thing. I already got it sorted out on this site, so no worries there. Thanks!
  • Hopefully this thread isn't too old to post on. Trying to do my part in keeping the forums clean by not posting again, but I can if need be.

    I'm running into the same issue, but the wiki doesn't have code for my version (1.0). Right now, clicking the name of the country presents the right options, but clicking the arrow to the right of it (on checkout) is showing all countries still.

    Took examples from old code here:

    Any ideas? I can whisper example URLs if it helps. The site this relates to starts with "M", and I'm an admin for the account shared from the customer's account. We launch Wednesday morning, so this is one of those final things...if you know what I mean. Thanks!!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    The wiki snippet you linked to is for 1.0 and newer - so that is the correct code for your store version.

    Looking at your stores checkout, you have a few javascript errors - mainly due to your inclusion of your own version of jQuery on the checkout template. You'll need to remove your jQuery from your checkout template to get rid of those errors. You also have some really big javascript files in your template - if you're not using those in your checkout, I'd recommend removing them to save some filesize.

    In terms of the specific issue with the locations - you're using the logic from the old locations modification snippet, if you update the snippet to use the one you linked to above, that will work for 1.0 and newer.

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