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Website with over 300 products

Johnny4BJohnny4B Member
in General edited April 2013
We have a client who is expanding their website to incorporate an e-commerce solution, I might add they are a good client also.

They will have in excess of 300 products ,so naturally we where going to use another e-commerce solution (I'll refrain from giving them exposure), but after a full meeting with the client, they aren't really interested in a CMS, products wont change, stocks wont be displayed, so in terms of backend, I doubt highly we will need some of the more feature laden solutions.

As always cost was brought up, we don't have a bespoke e-commerce solution, we use a rather large branded off the shelf solution for more complex e-commerce stores, that require all the bells and whistles .... and obviously we cost this into our proposals

As I eluded too earlier this is a good client, normally I wouldn't think of FC for a solution like this ,we use FC for niche, smaller e-commerce solutions ...

But I was thinking tonight ,that FC would fit perfect.

Just wondered if any other users have experiences of using FC for hundreds of products .... I know in theory it shouldn't matter, but reality is another issue, I imagine also when these get up and running,. their will be high volume through their website, so a few things to consider, and well just looking for any feedback


  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Actually FoxyCart is as effective for larger product ranges as it is for smaller ones - it purely comes down to the systems that you use to manage your products. FoxyCart doesn't mind whether it's 1 or 1000 products, but obviously if you're dealing with 1000 then you'll be looking for a nice CMS or even custom built solution to manage that product range. The benefit with FoxyCart is that you can use whatever system makes the most sense for the type and breadth of products that you have, you're not forced into a certain system of management.

    For the record, we do have stores utilising FoxyCart that have a product catalogue totalling well into the hundreds, and a handful that are working with thousands of products.

    Ultimately, FoxyCart should work just the same either way, products well be communicated to it the same way no matter how many you have.

    In terms of volume, it really depends what type of volume you're referring to. We've expanded and improved our systems significantly over the past couple years, and have had some pretty high profile sites get bombarded with interest and orders, and their own sites showed signs of stress while our systems showed no change at all. If you have some specific numbers though, we'd be happy to give some specific feedback there.
  • Thanks Adam, that helps ...


  • AndreasAndreas Member
    When you take into account sizing and colors, the site I run,, has well over 300 SKUs (not sure how many off the top of my head.) We have NO problems with FoxyCart. In fact, I am quite a fan.

    We use WordPress as a CMS and had a developer customize the admin section to allow us to easily add, update and remove products. Feel free to PM me any questions or even ask here so that others may possibly gain from our conversation.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for adding your thoughts!
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