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Amazon FPS issues

So... after a week of struggling, ten e-mail messages, multiple account suspensions, two sessions of faxing, and a bit of swearing, Amazon finally approved our FPS account. I have *never* seen such a poorly organized registration process.

Anyway, I got it working, and managed to process a live transaction, but there are some issues.

1. Payment with FPS fails most disgracefully if the customer did not provide their phone number on our FoxyCart checkout page.
The message was along the lines of "the following inputs are not well formed: phone number." Is it the case that the FoxyCart input for phone number is actually buggy, or is it the case that Amazon FPS requires a phone number? (I'm disabling Amazon payments until this one gets resolved.)

2. When it failed disgracefully, it left a link to follow, to the Amazon Payments page, not to our store. Is there a way to resolve this? (Not really a FoxyCart issue, but someone might know.)

3. When it fails disgracefully, the back button brings you back to an unpopulated checkout page, so that the customer gets to enter all of their information all over again. (Yuck!) Any way to prevent this? Or better, retrieve address info from the Amazon account?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Sorry to hear you've had such a hard time there! In terms of your questions:

    1) Amazon FPS does require a phone number, and at this point the FoxyCart checkout doesn't require it by default. We're planning to make that field required if the user select Amazon FPS as a payment method, but that's not in the app just yet. For now, you can set the phone field to be required, see this page for details:

    We also added that as a note to the Amazon FPS page on our wiki, but by the sounds of it you went through the integration process before we added that note in.

    2) That's a great question. I'll check in with our gateway developer if it's possible to provide a return URL that Amazon can use in that case.

    3) Unfortunately that's up to the browser at this point. Some browsers will remember the form contents and others don't. We do have a ticket to track that information as part of the cart session - so if a user hits the checkout, and completes it partially before jumping back to your site to add another product, when they return it will pre-populate with the information they had entered up to that point. I can't give any timeline of when that functionality will make it into the checkout, but it's definitely something we're planning.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    Just to circle back after speaking with our gateway developer, for number 2 we do indeed pass through a return URL value to Amazon FPS, but they don't appear to use it on that particular error page. If you set the phone field to required though, you shouldn't hit that error page anymore though.
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