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Automated Sales Receipt Does not Issue out

So when people purchase something using paypal the automated sales receipt from foxycart does not send to the user. I need this fixed since they need to download a file i have everything setup and it should send the clients a sales receipt.

the store is

  • for email response..
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I just did a quick spot check of some of your orders, and I'm seeing customers email receipts are being delivered successfully.

    Are your customers contacting you to tell you they're not receiving them? If so - which customers in particular? Feel free to whisper us their emails to keep them private.
  • yeah i fixed that issue it was not anything except one of the owners did not get the receipts something with his email account..

    question about the downloadable foxycart item how does that work? i setup a digital item but it does not have a cart embed code so i need to know how that works.

  • nevermind on both questions lol ...
    i tend to get things done after i ask a question :P
  • actually the product code is not working
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Looking at your stores error log - it looks like your add to cart link/form isn't HMAC encrypted - which you'll need to do as it's activated for your store. Details on encryption here:
  • texasbluestexasblues Member
    edited September 2013
    I did that in the sample form section here is the code below. then i tried to buy it and it bought the file however the "download" email to get the file i uploaded to foxycart did not show up, just the sales receipt and auto responder i setup. but no download unlock page from foxycart to get zip file.||11536a6e08e61f07e55cd39ba24af918e075262f4de36aff48b5d6a4ca076897&price=9.99||f40f1e902c862aae83b034ae371e0a910322ea2b9336179d2c3edf4a799e44b0&color=red||275e47c256be2a50bd205ea72aeb782a10486960477ee1201bbdcafc55ed0084&code=BUDDY1401||863840e2950e953b7de0f731571aee000a93ae86a0ce8cb04a4023ab4ee5b0b7

  • so this is a another code||f01894aac021ad7cba29cde34ce59693f275642bdba2fbd7e269401d9fbdcee3&price=9.99||f40f1e902c862aae83b034ae371e0a910322ea2b9336179d2c3edf4a799e44b0&color=red||275e47c256be2a50bd205ea72aeb782a10486960477ee1201bbdcafc55ed0084&code=BUDDY1401||863840e2950e953b7de0f731571aee000a93ae86a0ce8cb04a4023ab4ee5b0b7
  • texasbluestexasblues Member
    edited September 2013
    here is the things i setup in the store so you can see.





    then took url part and added it to site and linked it to photo yet it does not send a customer a download unlock url to get the album we added to foxycart.
  • forgot &catagory :P
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    @texasblues - if the order is for a downloadable, then you won't get a separate email for the download - it will be included in the sales receipt that is emailed when the transaction is completed.

    Ah - I see - you're not specifying the downloadables category. By not specifying a category, it's using the default which isn't set to downloadables, just 'no shipping'. So the system isn't connecting the order to a downloadable file.
  • yup fixed it lol and re-encoded link :) you see i tend to fix things after i ask the question lol.... better safe then sorry ay :)
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