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Image cache issues

happycloudhappycloud Member
in Help edited October 2013
So I have an issue with the cart image cache and I am not sure how to work around it. Wanted to see if you had suggestions.

I host my images on S3 and create thumbs on demand when the requested image doesn't exist. So the 404 hander on the bucket calls my server for the resized image. Problem is that your cache system ignores what is actually returned and stops at the 404 I guess because I get broken images.

For example (this may show if it got generated but let's see) this image should be blank: - but if you call the URL directly you will get an image. Here's another for testing

You can go to the store and add products then look at cart to get more broken images.

I have issues with memory and load during resize else I would always point to my server - it must go to S3 and I really would like to keep the on demand scenario - it's what keeps our server up as we had big issues before generating multiple thumbs.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    It's looking like our cache is falling over on the 404 there and caching a dead image - and consequently you're left with no image for that product. If you cleared the cache in the FoxyCart store admin, and looked at that link again, it will work as the image is loading at the address.

    One way you could possibly approach this is to have a script to load the images from whichever source it needs to - rather than responding with a 404?

    I'm going to send a note to one of our developers and get them to give this a once over as well in case I'm missing something here.
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