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Google Analytics source/medium tracking for transactions

jingarijingari Member
in Help edited November 2013
I'm having difficulty getting our Google Analytics working. All of our transactions are coming through with source as either direct or our main url Normally the majority of our transactions come through via search or adwords, so I'm sure that something is a wrong with the way we have GA setup. I've followed the instructions in the integration guide and the code all looks right on the various pages (/checkout, /receipt), so I am not sure what I'm missing. Does the url need to be added somewhere in our GA account or is this handled with the passing of the utma cookies?
Any ideas for what could be wrong with our setup?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Could you whisper me the specific URLs and steps you're taking?
  • Hi again,
    Whispered details earlier, but this seems to be an issue with cookies not being passed over to the storedomain at The utmz value is not the one that is set when first visiting the site, but rather notes the source as the site's url and then medium as referral. Also, I'm even seeing fcsid values differ. Is this an issue of not setting things correctly when adding items to the cart?
    For example, the url in the address bar is cart?cart=view&fcsid=tehkbi9cpts8jsh48hnhffqmv4 but the cookie set is fcsid=mbbkqlr96vc8mh9p4ffqd939v5
  • Pretty sure I figured it out. We have a custom mini-cart, so needed to do the pre-process add of the ga info to the json custom-fields. Testing now.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Bah, I should have caught that. Sorry @jingari. You're right. The issue would be that you're not using the normal iframe'd cart, so the code to set the "checkout" link to include the GA cookie info isn't being set properly.

    Also, it's not noted in our docs (because it didn't exist at the time) but you can use the real-time tab in GA to track things. It's not the easiest but it does work.
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