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subscription first timer

silverfoxm3silverfoxm3 Member
in Help edited March 2014
I am looking to use foxycart to build my new ecomm site. I am not a coder/developer. Let me know if i can do the following and if so could I do it myself not having any experience with developing...


- ecommerce store
- one time purchase and subscription based purchase (monthly and every 2 weeks)
- homepage similar to
- mix/match products add to cart such as
- users can set product A to one time payment and product B to monthly subscription during checkout
- product page layout will be in grid format - similar to pinterest
- subscribers can manage account in their dashboard - adjust orders
- credit card on file will be charged monthly or depending on the appropriate subscription interval. order will then be fulfilled.
- i will be selling about 7-10 tangible items


- I read all the website info on the homepage like you would on
- I go to the product page like you would on
- I have about 7 products to choose from - grid formation. I click on the product and the window expands with all details and add to cart CTAs. Once Im done with the 1st product then I click on "done" and it takes me back to the product grid layout
- I want to purchase product A one time
- I want to purchase product B on a 2 week interval ie. card on file gets charged and i get my products delivered every 2 weeks
- I want to purchase product C on a 30 day interval (same as above)
etc etc etc
- As a subscriber I should be able to edit my orders on-going in my personal "dashboard"

Will I be able to do all this out of the box? If so then I am on board with FC! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im on a tight budget but have a great vision and dont know how to code :)

  • winstonwinston FoxyCart Team

    These are great questions! I believe you've already talked to one of our team members about all your questions, but I just wanted to let you know that everything you mentioned is completely possible, it would require some custom development and a willingness/comfort with diving into code.

    FoxyCart also doesn't care what your product pages say or look like (assuming they fall within our terms of service) since it's just the Cart/Checkout/receipt etc. You can host and build your site wherever, and then add FoxyCart to it.
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