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How to use _setDomainName variable in new Universal Analytics code

foxybafoxyba Member
in Help edited April 2014
I'm running the ga.js version of Google Analytics on Foxycart v1.1. I'd like to upgrade to Universal Analytics (analytics.js). The Foxycart doc is useful, but I'm not seeing any reference to these old variables I have in my legacy ga.js code, "_setDomainName" and "_setAllowLinker".

My current ga.js code:
_gaq.push( [ '_setAccount', 'UA-1234567-8' ] );
_gaq.push( [ '_setDomainName', ' ' ]);
_gaq.push( [ '_setAllowLinker', true] );
_gaq.push( [ '_trackPageview' ]);

I honestly don't remember the purpose of these two variables, and I can't tell if I still need them in the new analytics.js code, since they don't seem to be mentioned around much. I did find a little more documentation here: which might help.

Anybody else clear on how the new analytics.js code should look, taking into consideration "_setDomainName" and "_setAllowLinker"?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question - you don't need those two variables in the new set up at all as they're handled in different ways.
  • Cool! I had a suspicion that was the case.
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