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Coupon codes affect shipping rates as well?

joepinionjoepinion Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited May 2014
I'd like our coupon codes to be able to affect the price post-shipping, in other words, if I have a $20 one-time-use coupon code, and I buy a $15 item with $6 shipping, it charges me $1... As of now, seems like it is only capable of subtracting the $15 cart price.

We reward volunteers with coupon codes, would be nice if they could get stuff truly for free as a result. Some of them are in America some are around the world, so their shipping rates will vary as well.

Is there a known way I could implement this? Or is it part of FoxyCart 2.0? Etc? Thank you.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Unfortunately discounts only apply pre-shipping, out of the box, it's not possible to discount shipping using a coupon or discount, and unfortunately this won't be changing in 2.0 either.

    That said though - it would be possible in some instances to discount the shipping cost using javascript. How are you applying the shipping currently? Flat or live rates? We have some examples on our snippets page of discounting shipping when coupons are present:

    The key thing is that you'd need to handle working out if the coupon still has leftovers and should apply to the shipping or not.
  • Ok, that is definitely helpful. I will investigate what info I can get from the and see if I can manipulate the shipping somewhat. Maybe not to the granular degree of subtracting what is left from the coupon, but at least we could do some kind of discount on the shipping if their cart is at $0 due to the coupons, something like that.

    After I do the work on this, I'll update this post in case it's helpful to anyone else.
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