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0.7.2 xml datafeed and vouchers/coupons

cowtancowtan Member
in Help edited August 2014
Hi - We use the xml datafeed to capture information about all the transactions by parsing it and then saving it in a database. I realised the other day that we're not capturing information about when coupons/vouchers are used. I was looking at the documentation to see exactly where in the datafeed it appeared and just want to check I've got it right.

It looks like there is a <discounts></discounts> section and I'm guessing that the information will be in there with each discount in a <discount></discount> tag. Is this right and what information is sent about each discount?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Yeah that's right - and these are the nodes you'll want to look for:
    		<name><![CDATA[Coupon Name]]></name>
  • @fc_adam

    Thanks Adam
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