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Shipping from a Third Party System

austinbizmartaustinbizmart Member
in Help edited August 2014

I've customized my cart page, and I've added a feature to get the shipping based on the zip code and weight of the products using our Freight System.
The results return fine, but when clicking on checkout, the shipping cost is not carried over.

I have an event on the checkout page to recalculate the shipping based on the hidden field h:shipping which is the one I'm setting on the form.
It works fine when I go straight to the checkout page, but it's not carried over in this scenario.

Even if I update the cart on the cart page using the update button that fires UpdateCart() method, the hidden field is not saved.

Is there a way to make sure that this custom field is persisted on the cart so I can use it on the checkout page?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    How exactly are you adding the value on the cart? The cart won't handle custom fields like the checkout will - so if you're wanting to add a custom session attribute to your cart from the cart, you'll need to do that with JSONP:
  • Hi @fc_adam,

    Thanks for your help, I will do that.
    However, when I update the shipping, I want to change the total of the cart, besides the custom field is there a way to update that, or this only should be done in the checkout page?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I'm assuming you're working with a store version of 1.1 or older correct? If so - you can only set shipping costs on the checkout. You could certainly store them in a cart session attribute from the cart though and apply them on the checkout. You can also fake updating the total on the cart - but ultimately the shipping costs are only calculated on the checkout.
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