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2.0 cart

UPUP Member
in Important News edited August 2014
Hi, on occasions, but not all of the time, I'm getting the following cart, rather than the regular one. If I close the cart and reopen, it usually solves the issue. Could it simply be a caching issue?


I'm having to use jquery 1.7.1 due to other functionality on the site, could this be a possible issue?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    This is a known issue we're currently working through - and relates to how we're loading the JSON config object. Are you clicking the add to cart quite quickly after the page loads by chance?
  • UPUP Member
    Hi Adam

    I would say within a couple of seconds, yes. Good luck with the fix! Other than that, v2 is looking great. Well done.

    I've switched back to v1 until flat rate shipping logic is available for v2, but looking forward to using it in ernest.

    All the best
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