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promotional plans in foxycart?

sivasiva Member
i need to send emials to my existing customers about our latest plans regarding our product ....what i mean is if my customer is subscribed for 1 month for our product at $5/month, we would like to send our promotional emails which consists new offers so he/she can upgrade the existing plan to new plan. is there any way to achieve this in foxycat?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    There is - but we don't have any inbuilt functionality that would do this for you. What you would do to achieve this is make use of our API to get a list of all subscriptions that meet your criteria. So for example, you could fetch all subscriptions once a month that have a start date within the last month. You would then loop through that list - grab each email and that would be a list of new subscriptions within the last month you could email.

    You could also expand on the script to make it all automated - fetching the addresses and then sending the email automatically, and setting that to run at a regular interval as a cron job or a similar repeated action.

    Obviously that would require some programming knowledge - so if you'd like, we can recommend some developers who could assist you with that.

    One other approach you could take is making use of some of the mailing list systems such as Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp. These services (and probably others) provide drip emails that you could use to automatically email customers. This would require some custom set up again, but you could send new customers to one of those services, also passing it information about the start date of their subscription. Then based on that date, you could send an automated email after a certain amount of time has passed.
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