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Preventing bulk discount and coupon at same time

I have a coupon which has both category and line item discount boxes checked yet people still combine them with bulk discounts. Usually they cannot but there is some scenario/flow that people use to get both. Part of the problem may be that I have enabled accepting coupons on the checkout page using the code snippet. But it still seems that there should be a check somewhere that is not happening.

My store is gonegreen and an example order is 516161653

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    This does appear to relate in part to applying the coupon from the checkout page in some way. If adding the coupon from the cart, it applies correctly and removes the quantity discount on the product.

    Did you have any plans to upgrade to our new 2.0 version? Along with a heap of other new features and improvements, we've added the ability to add coupons from the checkout.
  • Hmmm.. I guess its time to upgrade.. Ive been reluctant due to the amount of custom code I've implemented
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