Problems with 'Login with Amazon'


I opened a ticket earlier, but figured it was easier on the forum with screenshots etc.. I have two problems with my checkout flow, when using 'login with amazon'. (My other flows through braintree and paypal seem to be fine). I am using the latest version of foxycart v2.0.

1. The shipping option is not being recalculated after a customer logs in with Amazon:

Before login: image

After login: image

If I preselect zip code before logging into amazon: image
(even if the shipping options show up, they are not being recalculated if addresses are changed.

2. The other problem I am having is that I keep getting this error when I hit the submit order button:


I am not sure if I have set up my amazon payments accounts incorrectly that is causing these errors... I went through all the steps in this wiki:

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