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possible to checkout with $0 total and no payment?

There are a set of item variation selections that make it possible for a store we're working on to sell a 'free' downloadable product. Most of the time it's not free, but sometimes it's free. We'd like to keep the same order checkout process, collecting customer name, address, items, special request field, and push them all the way through the checkout -- but not collect payment. Can this payment auth / capture be disabled and still get to thank you page and send email receipt (and special category email receipt?)
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    If the order total is $0, the customer won't see any payment information fields on the checkout - but they'll still enter their email and address information as required. Worth noting - if it's a subscription, even if it's $0 we still collect payment information to cover instances where it's $0 now but later it becomes a paid subscription.
  • I see this now, thank you.
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