2.0 Live rate shipping modification code issue

I'm using the 2.0 Live rate shipping mod via the 'cart configuration', and trying to make UPS Ground $3 flat when the cart is under $10. I have free pickup as an option as well.

if (FC.json.total_item_price <= 10) {
FC.customLiveShipping.update('UPS Ground', '=3');

For some reason, no matter how I try to modify or add a flat rate, it still comes out as $0 in the cart. I've also tried:

FC.customLiveShipping.add(125, 3, ' ', 'Standard Mail');

Both methods return $0 as the shipping cost, even if I hide the local pickup option. Only modifying the live rate ('-3') works.

You can see the cart by adding this product: http://bluewindows.net/product-7-year-pen. The store is simply 'bluewindows'.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I think what you're running into is a double-up of modifications. You currently have this included in your logic - which for an order less than $10 will remove $10 from the UPS Ground option:
    if (FC.json.total_item_price <= 10) {
    FC.customLiveShipping.update('UPS Ground', '-5');
    if (FC.json.total_item_price <= 30) {
    FC.customLiveShipping.update('all', '-5');
  • @fc_adam,

    Thanks a ton! Love it when it's that simple.

    PS, the new shipping rules and configuration area are so nice... loving 2.0
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