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How do i set cancel and continue shopping url according to my requiremnet in cartinclude code?

sivasiva Member
in Help edited June 2015

I want to set cancel and continue url according to my situation in my project. what i mean is if i am purchasing a subscription and in the process if click on cancel and continue this situation i want to redirect my user to dashboard page of my website and in othercase when i am cancelling a subscription and in this situation if i click on cancel and continue i want my user be redirected to checkoutrequest page of my website.

I found following code in cartinclude but not sure where to modify

{% block continue_shopping %}
{% if cart_cancel_and_continue_link != '' %}

{{ config.lang.cart_cancel_and_continue|raw }}

{% endif %}
{% endblock continue_shopping %}

  • fc_jedfc_jed FoxyCart Team

    Your requirement would need some more complicated modifications to the template. First of all, you would need to capture the context somehow (whether you're purchasing or cancelling). So, you would need to pass custom parameters to distinguish both.

    You would need to edit the href value of this tag:
     <a href="{{ cart_cancel_and_continue_link }}" class="fc-button fc-button--cancel">
    The twig tag cart_cancel_and_continue_link is defined in your store settings as the input for receipt continue url. You would need to hardcode one of the links, and enter one of the links as the input to that setting.
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