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Add "pending" status with Amazon Login & Pay?

With the new Amazon Login & Pay system, the XML transaction datafeed gives a "blank" status ( <status><![CDATA[]]></status> ), rather than "pending" for a transaction that is not yet approved nor rejected.

This looks like an oversight:
* This is a change from the behavior of the old Amazon FPS, which had the "pending" value there.
* This behavior does not line up with the behavior that we currently expect with other gateways that do not immediately process, such as BitPay.
* This difference between Amazon FPS and "Amazon L&P" is not obvious from the FoxyCart documentation, which suggests that the status codes for the two systems are identical.

We noticed this because our data processing scripts -- which are set to ignore "pending" transactions -- were processing Amazon payments as approved, even when they were ultimately rejected-- since a "blank" status code is normally the sign of an approved transaction (e.g., with PayPal).

It would be nice if the "blank" (but actually pending) status code could be changed to "pending," for consistency.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Thanks, @oskay. We'll take a look.
  • evgevg FoxyCart Team
    Hi @oskay,

    We modified our code to use the immediate response from Amazon to set the initial state of the transaction.
    The server response contains enough information about the status. So if it's "pending", we set it to "pending".
    Later, when an "approved state" notification comes, we set the status to "approved".
    The patch will be released soon.
    Thank you for the catch.
  • oskayoskay Member
    Awesome, thanks!
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey @Oskay. Wanted to let you know the update has been released. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  • evgevg FoxyCart Team
    Hi @oskay,

    FYI we had to change our initial plan.
    Now the initial state of every Amazon transaction is "pending" until we get a notification from them.
    The change is already live.
  • oskayoskay Member
    Hi FoxyCart team,
    Thanks for your hard work on this!

    This seems to be working very well in general, but we just found an exception case. We just had an order placed but rejected (#737574448), which sent two XML datafeeds:

    The first datafeed (received 2015-06-25 22:37:47) had an empty status field

    The second datafeed (received 2015-06-25 22:37:49) had the status rejected:
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for letting us know. I'll pass those details on to the team and we'll dig into what went wrong with that initial datafeed that it was blank.
  • A little more digging (tipped off from Adam's comment on what I thought was an unrelated issue: ):

    Although our transaction report (in the FoxyCart Admin) lists it as an Amazon transaction, the datafeed said otherwise: <payment_gateway_type><![CDATA[paypal]]></payment_gateway_type>.

    Two other transactions today (that I started in that other thread) apparently have the same issue.
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