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Way to make country drop down appear above the country "field" as opposed to below?

By default the country "drop down" (which I understand is not really a true drop down) displays below the country "field". Normally that is not a problem.

However with the changes I have been making to the checkout that is going to be a problem in that there is very little room left at the bottom of the page to accommodate the country drop down below the country field.

I am not done making changes yet but you can see what I am talking about in through the url I am whispering below.

Is there a way to easily make (though CSS or other change) the country drop down appear above the country field or if not above maybe do something else with it so that it appears in a more user friendly manner? As it is the lack of space prevents a user from seeing it's contents in their entirety when it displays.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Unfortunately it's not possible to customise where the dropdown appears in relation to the input. Perhaps a quick workaround here, although not perfect, would be to add some padding to the bottom of your page to allow for that additional height? The dropdown is always restricted to the same height, so you should be able to consistently allow for it with some additional bottom padding.
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