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FoxyCart 2.0 Sidecart not updating when scrolling

When I add several products to the cart on one of my sites, the Chrome browser does not properly update the visual content of the cart. Here's a screen recording that demonstrates the problem:

Here is a link to the site where you can add multiple configurations of this product to cart and reproduce the problem yourself: Product Page. Note that you will have to view the site on a mobile device or with Chrome/Firefox development tools to emulate a mobile device User Agent.

The first half of the recording shows that when scrolling the cart, much of the content cannot be seen. However, it can be interacted with by click-holding to select text, or clicking on an invisible button or text area.

In the second half of the recording you can see that changing the z-index on the sidecart element forces the browser to render the cart correctly, but scrolling does not properly update the rendering. I don't think this problem is related to the z-index property because I can click and interact with the hidden elements, so it's not as if another element is covering them.

Have you identified this problem on any other sidecart implementations? Is there a workaround or fix for this type of problem? Thanks!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for providing those details and including a video - that's very helpful. This is a known bug and we have a fix for this pending some testing before we can roll it out. We hope to have that live as soon as possible.

    Specifically this is a small issue with our CSS that triggers what you're seeing in some cases. For correcting this in the interim if you can't wait for our fix, you can add the following custom CSS to your own website (not to the FoxyCart templates, but to your own website's CSS):
    [data-fc-sidecart], [data-fc-sidecart] #fc-cart, [data-fc-sidecart] .fc-sidecart-only-fixed, [data-fc-with-sidecart], [data-fc-store-page], [data-fc-ui-block] {
    -webkit-backface-visibility: visible !important;
    backface-visibility: visible !important;
  • sblombergsblomberg Member
    edited August 2015
    Thanks Adam, that CSS fix prevents portions of the cart from being hidden on my FoxyCart implementation. I greatly appreciate the quick response and solution!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    A quick update to let you know that we've rolled out a change to production which fixes the root issue here. You can remove the custom code we suggested to you if you like - but leaving it present also won't cause any issues either.
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