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Updating Foxycart store from 0.7.1 to 2.0 ... Paypal monthly subscribers migration path?

We are helping a client that has monthly subscribers move from Foxycart 0.7.1 to Foxycart 2.0. They have a lot of subscribers paying with a deprecated PAYPAL EXPRESS CHECKOUT payment option which Foxycart 2.0 does not support. We're not completely clear what the migration path is from 0.7.1 to 2.0 in regards to Paypal Express Checkout and what will happen in the switch over. Will the old accounts fail since they're not compatible? Is there a migration path/approach documented anywhere for this? The client has a large subscriber base and doesn't want to upset their client base during the switch over.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @flinx777, first quick thing: 2.0 does support the older PayPal method. The difference between the (now deprecated) older method and the newer is that the older creates subscriptions as Recurring Payment Profiles, which PayPal manages (determines when to bill). The new method creates Reference Transactions, which FoxyCart manages.

    You can upgrade to 2.0 without any issues at all. Things will continue to work as they had previously. I'd probably suggest doing the upgrade first, then once you make sure things are ok, turn off the old PayPal method and turn on the new. Old customers will continue to work as they were, but new customers will be set up on the Reference Transactions.

    But there's no rush on that. Though we recommend the new approach, there's no way to convert a Recurring Payment Profile to a Reference Transaction, and there's no super burning need to switch immediately to the new approach.

    Does that help?
  • @brett this does help and thanks for clarifying this. We had a situation in a Foxycart development environment recently (july 13th) that you helped us with over email where we were trying to get a subscription account that was using the deprecated Paypal payment method which you had to manually remove from the Foxycart account. I may be confusing that issue with this approach and if so, please let me know. We're just trying to avoid any surprises at the time of switch over.
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