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Problems adding custom text above the shipping options on checkout

This project is using Foxycart 2.0

We have custom text we have added on the checkout page in the shipping section as seen here:

We're using this approach:

Our custom text shows on page load, but as soon as I enter my username/password, it suddenly disappears. The shipping block seems to refresh and removes our text. Is there a solution to keep our text from being erased?
  • fc_jedfc_jed FoxyCart Team
    edited January 2016

    The render blows it away, you would need to check if it exists and replace the text after render is done.

    You could add this snippet to your custom footer:
    FC.client.on("render.done", function() {
    if(jQuery('.custom_shipping_message').length == 0) {
    $( ".fc-shipping-rates" ).before( "<p class='custom_shipping_message' style='margin-left: 8.33333%; font-size: 14px;'>For US Destinations: Priority Mail should arrive in 7 days of your order. Express shipping should arrive in 2-3 days of your order. Free shipping is via FedEx Ground or Priority Mail and should arrive within 7 to 10 days of your order.<br><br>International destinations: Please check our \"Shipping\" page for more details.</p>" );
  • @fc_jed

    Awesome...we'll check this out and see if this helps.
  • @fc_jed ... thanks, that worked perfectly. Appreciate the support.
  • fc_jedfc_jed FoxyCart Team

    Don't mention it. Don't hesitate to hit us up again if you run into additional concerns.
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