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Fedex Shipping Calculations timing out?

Hi there. I request certain shipping rates for fedex for items that must be shipped overnight. My domain is --

I see this error when you choose an item such as the Ice Cream Bars:

Error: This store has not been setup correctly to calculate shipping to this location with this weight. We apologize for the inconvenience. The store owner has been notified of this error.
FedEx Error: Remote EJB method: getRates called on interface: failed. Cause: weblogic.rmi.extensions.RequestTimeoutException: RJVM response from 'weblogic.rjvm.RJVMImpl@59398edc - id: '[7164,7164,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1]:domain:crs-server03246' connect time: 'Sun Mar 20 12:11:01 CDT 2016'' for 'getRates(;)' timed out after: 5000ms.

Is this a temporary issue? Has something changed? Thanks for any guidance.
  • In fact, it seems shipping calculations are failing across our site. Any guidance Foxycart could provide would be appreciated.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Sorry to hear you and your customers experienced this. Looking at your store I could see the errors you were referring to - and it does appear to be related to a downtime at FedEx. From what I've found there were sporadic connection issues from 2016-03-25 16:04:12 EDT to 17:25:04 EDT.

    A quick test just now showed the checkout returning rates as expected.
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