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Cart Shipping Selection Requirement if PayPal Selected

in Help edited December 2016
Cart does not currently require shipping selection (enter zip code, select shipping method) resulting in no shipping fee added if customer select "PayPal" button instead of "Proceed to Checkout" Button.

How do I turn on "Required piece of information missing" warning if shipping selection not completed in cart and used selects "PayPal" from cart?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @RSB.

    It's probably worth understanding the two different flows for PayPal Express Checkout:
    1: Your site -> Cart -> PayPal -> Foxy Checkout -> Receipt
    2: Your site -> Cart -> Foxy Checkout -> PayPal -> Receipt

    In scenario 1, which it sounds like you're testing, it'll always go back to the checkout to confirm and complete things. A lot of our users dislike that scenario for that reason, but PayPal requires both approaches (and legitimately, that first approach saves your customers time because they don't have to manually enter all their address info first, since PayPal's got that anyway.

    Does that help? If you're testing scenario 1 and not seeing it return to the checkout and require the other fields, whisper me where you're testing and the steps you're taking.
  • You nailed it!

    I did not know I would be redirected to the checkout screen after going to PayPal (scenario #1).

    Thank you for your help.
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