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Changing payment processor and merchant to Stripe

I am currently using Sagepay and Worldpay, but looking to move to Stripe
I am cautious aka terrified of breaking something. So ....

Is it really as simple as changing the Payment section of the Store ?
Just 2 boxes ??

Stripe talks about authorising, tokenizing and charging - does Foxycart handle all this ?

What backups do I need to take ?

Can I revert if problems ?
I don't want to take site down by moving to test mode

Do I need to make changes to other foxycart config ? Receipts? Shipping code ?

Or are you really so fantastic that it is just 2 boxes in Payment settings ?!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question, and the answer is yep - it should be that simple! We securely store the customers payment details on our side, so if you switch to a different card payment gateway (such as switching from SagePay to Stripe), we'll continue to communicate the customer's payment card details as normal, but just sending them to a different gateway.

    If you run into any unforseen problems after updating the payment details, you can switch them back to what you have now too.
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