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Just Getting Started - Need Help With A Product Free Trial

I'm just getting started and need some help configuring a product. I want customers to be able to try my product for 21 days and either:

A) Keep it past the trial end date & I charge them the purchase amount.
B) Return it before the trial end date & I cancel the pending/upcoming subscription charge.

1. I want to initially charge customers just a shipping fee (~$5) which covers shipping of the trial product.
2. If the customer DOES NOT return the product before the trial end date, I would like the system to charge them the total (~$20) automatically - which would be their 2nd and last charge of the trial.
3. If the customer DOES return the product before the trial end date, I need to be able to cancel the pending charge.
4. In a perfect world, the 1st charge is treated like a regular product, I can set the weight, shipping class, etc and it integrates with (Does FoxyCart play nice with
5. In a perfect world, the 2nd charge would just be a charge to complete to trial and I could set the item to not need shipping or name it something like "SignalVault Trial Final Payment" so it either does not show up in my shipping system or at least my staff can sort out the 2nd charges easily and I avoid sending out extra products.

I think bundling two products, one being a locked child product & one-time subscription item with a end date after the trial period is how to get this done but I just need some help making all of this magic happen.

Thanks in advance!
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