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Westpac Payway gateway configuration


I am trying to implement the Westpac Payway gateway. I have tried with the default test account infomation that you provide when I choose Westpac Payway gateway on the page in the 'Let customers pay with a Credit or Debit Card' section.

I did a test transcation and it failed with a "Error: There was an unknown gateway error."

I then went to the site and set up a new test account. Unfortunately the information on your page:
doesn't match the actual interface.

I did find where to add in the Foxycart IP addresses but got the same error when I did a test transaction

I wonder if things have changed too much on the Westpac side of things and there may need to be code changes to your integration with Westpac payway.

They do say that their API has changed, although they do claim you can use the old API for backward compatibility (and this is what I chose when setting up the test account)

I am testing on a local server using wampserver (if that makes any difference) but I had no problems testing the paypal payment processing with the same setup.

Could you please advise

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for reaching out - and I'm sorry for the inconvenience here. It does appear that our test account for PayWay has become inactive and isn't working to submit test transactions. Unfortunately it was set up by a teammate who has since left and we can't get access to the account immediately to get that rectified - but we'll get that corrected as quickly as we can.

    I just tried setting up a new test account to try out the integration, and I was able to submit a test transaction in it's entirety with PayWay.

    Could I confirm with you that you've entered all four IP addresses into the security section of the PayWay administration (within the "Setup API" section)? Also that you've entered the customer username and customer password values into the payments settings as it's shown at the top of that same security page in the PayWay admin, set the "test merchant id" field to "TEST" and provided the certificate from your account's "certificate" page in the "test certificate" field?
  • njwfxnjwfx Member

    Thanks so much for your prompt reply.

    No I didn't get a certificate, as there didn't seem to be anywhere to get a certificate from in the payway site and also it seemed a certificate was getting filled in by default in the foxy cart admin, so I assumed that it was something that foxycart was configuring automatically

    The test account that I set up on payway didn't have a "setup api" menu option nor a "certificate" menu option.

    image attached of this page:


    Could you let me know the url of the page that had the certificate in your payway account. Perhaps I have chosen the wrong type. I chose the option as shown in the image


  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for the image - that would explain the confusion you're having here. The "PayWay Net" service is different to what our integration uses - that's more around hosted payment pages where the customer is redirected to PayWay to handle their payment.

    The section you'll need is contained within the "Setup API" section of the navigation, which as shown in your screenshot, is not included in your admin there. You may need to reach out to Westpac to see if it can be enabled for your account - we're currently using their older Qvalent API.

    For reference as well - I created my test account from this page:
  • njwfxnjwfx Member

    It seems when you create a test account that you have to choose this option:
    "My system meets PCI-DSS compliance for storing credit card numbers"
    rather than
    "Help me minimise PCI-DSS compliance costs (recommended)"

    THEN you get the "setup API" section after you login

    Also when generating a certificate you are asked which technology you are using. You need to choose "PHP" here

    After doing the above, I now have the payway gateway working on a test account.

    I'd be happy to add to / update your page here:

    but there doesn't seem to be a facility to edit / add to the page

    Thanks so much for your quick resolution to my problem
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Ah great catch - I had completely forgotten about that step when signing up. Thanks for your offer to alter the docs too. I'll get that updated today to make it clearer for those in the future.
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