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Bitcoin & Subscriptions

Hey there, we have a simple question. According to the documentation of the various bitcoin payment gateways, one cannot use subcriptions with it. That makes sense, given that bitcoin payments are a one-time ticket and no credit is given. However, can we still use it and only show this payment method, if no subscriptions are present in the cart? In this case it would be possible to use it. Then if the user puts a subscription into the cart, we need to hide the payment option.

Do you already do this automatically, or do we need to write a simple script ourself? (either by playing with the twig template or by using jquery on the page and hiding the DOM elements)
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. That is indeed something we'll handle automatically - only showing those payment methods that support subscriptions on the checkout, if a subscription is present in the cart. I hope that helps!
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