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Discount on first

sheepysheep60sheepysheep60 Member
in Help edited July 2014
I'm just trying to work out if Foxycart is correct for a new project.

Is there a way to automatically discount the first order of a subscription? I.E. Subscribe now and get the first month's 20% off!

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    It is - but not quite perfectly. Currently we don't allow for restricting a coupon by unique uses per customer - but rather unique uses for each code of the coupon, or the coupon as a whole.

    Currently, the best way to achieve what you've described is to provide a unique coupon code to each customer, where each code is limited to a single use. That way it's applied to the first iteration but not subsequent renewals.

    The other approach you could take is to set up the subscription to start a month after the purchase date, and provide a normal product for the first month that is discounted by 20%. So they'd actually be checking out with two products, one normal product for the discounted first month and then a subscription for subsequent months.
  • Thanks for getting back to me, sounds good!
  • @fc_adam,

    Hi Adam. We have been attempting to do something similar with subscription discounts, but are trying to apply a $5 discount to the first three months of the subscription. Our first attempt was not successful, presumably because the unique discount codes we created were set to allow one use only. If we set those discount codes be used 3 time, would this potentially solve our problem? Couple of other technical considerations here... All our subscriptions are future subscriptions initially, so when a coupon code is applied to the initial order it is showing as -$5.00 on an order total that is already $0.00. Also, we set up the subscription products to go directly to checkout and bypass the cart, the the checkout itself has the coupon application field. Do either of these factors present any problems? We want the coupon to be applied to the subscription record a total of three times (plus the initial signup for future subscription), so if I set the coupons to be valid for 4 total uses will we be able to get the desired result?

    Please let me know. Thanks!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question.

    If you want the coupon to be applied to multiple subscription renewals, you will need to set that up in the amount of times a given coupon code can be used. What you surmised there related to the future subscription is also correct. Although there is no charge on that first transaction as the subscription has a future start date, that initial transaction is still a transaction the coupon can be applied to. With that in mind, if you want the coupon to be applied three times, and all subscriptions have a future start date, then you would want to set the coupon to be applied 4 times.

    Also - we'd suggest testing this out too to ensure it's giving you the effect you're wanting. A quick way to test this would be to create a test subscription with a frequency of 1 day, then set it to start tomorrow so you can test it out over 4 days.
  • Hi there! Now that use of a coupon can be restricted on a per customer basis, it should be easy to set up a discount on their first order of a subscription. What if a customer has subscriptions to multiple products? Would we set up a different code for each product so that it is one time use per product subscribed to?

    Another question - what if we want to do a bigger discount only on the first order and a smaller discount on every future order? The goal is to give an incentive for signing up for subscription vs. one time orders. What would be the simplest way to handle this?

    Thank you!
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