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Member Discounts

paulkoanpaulkoan Member
in Help edited February 2009

I am looking for a shopping cart solution and hopefully Foxycart is the one.

One thing I cannot seem to find is discounts for "members". My customer has two sets of pricing for its customers, a membership price, and a non membership price.

I am planning to use MODx as the site and have had a look through the features, and it seems to be able to support it, but I can't quite see how it hangs together yet. And I'd like to understand if this is possible before I start testing.

The foxycart login registration happens at checkout time, as is normal, and I see that it will pass the customer details back to the site via a call back url.

What happens in the case where the customer database is pre-existing? Would it be possible for the customers to log in with MODx web user credentials?

That is step one, and step two would be for the customer to get different pricing. I guess I could pass through a different category code based on membership to bring in a discount - or just pass through a different price I guess?

Sorry for the vagueness, I only have a cursory understanding of the tech behind foxycart.


  • I guess that the customer reg goes one way? Ie, the registration happens through foxycart, and we get to hear about it through a callback - into Foxyback for example - but there isn't a way to have the data go the other way?

    Like tell foxy upfront who the customers are and their login details?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Synching users: Our latest release (that we still haven't publicized yet as we're doing final touchups and testing) introduces a User API. It's actually documented in our wiki if you want to play around with it. This would allow synching from MODx -> FoxyCart. You can use the XML datafeed to synch back from FC -> MODx.

    Member discounts: In MODx it's quite easy to check a user's permissions / memberships and display items differently. In your case you'd want to check for member status and output a reduced price rather than the normal price for that user. I know of at least a few MODx sites that do something similar, and it works out quite well. I'd go into details but most of it depends on how you set MODx up, and there are a lot of ways to do the same thing in MODx, which is often quite nice.

    Does that make sense?
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