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surelocksurelock Member
in Help edited February 2009
Is Authorize.nets Simple Checkout account located here usable with Foxy Cart?

Thanks much.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    I hadn't seen that before, but my hunch is no. The Simple Checkout is designed to be just that, a checkout. FoxyCart also handles the checkout, so in this case it's kind of one or the other.

    That said, PayPal Standard and Google Checkout are both somewhat similar, and we do have plans to support those. I'm not sure what advantage's Simple Checkout would provide you with. Can you explain the need? That will help us better understand what might make sense for us to build into FoxyCart.
  • It's simple and the account setup process is simple as well, just another option of simplicity besides Google Checkout and Standard Paypal, for my non-techy accounting folks. :)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Is it a different process than actually getting an gateway account? It looks like you'd still need to set up a merchant account to use this, which would make it considerably more time consuming than PP or Gco.

    For PP and Gco it makes sense because you can use a different payment account, but's Simple Checkout still requires standard payment methods, which kind of defeats the purpose of having FoxyCart in the first place. (And I would be money on our checkout flow being far more efficient than theirs ;)

    Just my thoughts.
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